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Monasteries as places of care: Monasteries began to build infirmaries- Plan of St.Gall- it was never really built. It was a dream monastery but shows that infirmary was an important part of the monastery Hospitals - Hospes- guest Hospitals weren’t primarily medical institutions, they are charity institutions They provided accommodations for people on pilgrimages They housed the elderly And helped the sick, offered some nursing care - Bishop LAnfrank- built a purposeful institution for the people who needed help, charitable -Hospitals varied in size and number -Ospedale Santa Maria Nuova- a huge Florentine hospital -SOutra Aisle- archeologists excavated a hospital and monastery in the Scottish border country. Built near a main road so that travelers can come. They grew a lot of different plants for medical herbs. Suggests that the can amputate limbs and perform some surgeries. Monasteries as Places of Learning
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