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3. For most of human history, people have been hunters and gatherers, so the studies done of the few surviving groups in Africa that make their living in this way are of great importance. The best known groups are the Mbuti and the Kung. These people live in marginal areas of the continent -- the Congo forest (Mbuti) and the Kalahari desert (Kung), but formerly they must have lived in much richer environments than they do now. Hunters and gatherers typically have flexible social structures which means that they can move around easily to make use of resources. But as a result they have little property, and are not concerned much about ownership of land. (Control of water in the Kalahari is very important.) 4. Even so, the evidence suggests that they do not have to work all that hard to make a living: in fact, hunter gatherers seem to do much less work than their agricultural neighbors. Why did people ever bother to become farmers? (i) The
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