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Unformatted text preview: 6. But one thing which Engels did see more clearly than many other writers was the cause of the poverty, misery and social problems in the new industrial cities. Capitalism as a competitive system meant that some wage rates were very low, and in the case of London the rise of capitalism had led to the collapse of many of the traditional industries. But other writers and activists explained the social problems in different ways. Many Christians became active in the inner city areas, arguing that the problem was one of morality. If people learned to behave properly and follow Christian teachings then things would improve! Other people blamed the problems on drinking. In many of the Protestant Christian churches there are still strong "teetotal" groups who are opposed to alcohol. Other people argued that the cause of the poverty of many of the people in the city was their inability to save money! But the real reason was that in cities like London, work was seasonal, and for much of the year, especially the winter, rates of...
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