Can you think of any modern

Can you think of - character by the ability to an absolute truth that is normally hidden to the uninitiated For example in modern companies the

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Can you think of any modern-day practices that appear to make reference to magic? For example: "Touching wood". In addition, it is evident that magical systems such as witchcraft are still practiced by some in modern societies. If we were so inclined, we could broaden the definition of "magic" to include things like astrology, spiritualism and various forms of parapsychology, all of which are in evidence in modern societies. It is possible to argue that magical forms of practice occur in our society in less obvious forms. In this respect, it is evident that in those instances where our desires for precision, accuracy and exactitude cannot be fulfilled by modern, empirical, science, a form of "scientific magic" arises to fill the void between what we want to achieve and the ability of science to achieve it for us. The idea here is that the magical basis of various practices is dressed-up in the clothing of science (in the sense that it is claimed to involve a way of predicting someone's behaviour or
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Unformatted text preview: character by the ability to an absolute truth that is normally hidden to the uninitiated). For example, in modern companies, the inability to recruit the right person for a job may have serious consequences in terms of time, money and so forth. Personnel departments, therefore, come under pressure to ensure that the person they appoint will fill a position satisfactorily. Whilst interviews, qualifications and so forth play a part, they are only rough guides to suitability - what is required is a sure-fire way of ensuring that mistakes do not occur. Various forms of "intelligence" and "personality" tests can be employed, of course, but they all suffer from the drawback that the techniques for succeeding in such tests can be learnt over time. What is needed, therefore, is some form of "scientific" measurement that reveals the "true personality" of the applicant - something that operates at the level of the unconscious mind and which, therefore, cannot be faked or learnt. .....
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