Criticisms - Criticisms Apart from the various moral...

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Criticisms Apart from the various moral implications that you might have identified above, Wilson's argument has a number of serious weaknesses , which we can briefly examine. Firstly , Wilson - like "everyone else" - knows who are the law-abiding and who are the criminals in any society. In this, two points are evident: a. There is an easy distinction made between the "criminal" (the "bad guy") and the "law-abiding" citizen (the "good guy") which - as Interactionist sociology has shown - is simply not supported by empirical evidence . b. Wilson neglects to include an analysis of power relationships / ideology, whereby behaviour that is disliked by the powerful is criminalized. As we will see, there is little in Wilson's argument that suggests anything other than a kind of "Hollywood" version of human behaviour, whereby "criminals" are "evil" (and probably wear black hats and do unspeakable things to innocent bystanders) and everyone else is "good". Secondly , he dismisses other evidence / theories of crime on the basis of a fallacious, over-simplified, representation of these theories (along the lines, for example, that "poverty causes crime" - something no serious sociological / psychological theorist has ever seriously argued. ..). Thirdly , he ignores the fact that crime is not simply a "lower class phenomenon". The crimes of the powerful may not be as visible as those of the powerless, but it is clearly arguable that they are just as - if not more so - significant. This is especially true in
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Criticisms - Criticisms Apart from the various moral...

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