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Decision - Decision-making and citizenship in Britain In a...

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Decision-making and citizenship in Britain In a democracy the people participate in the decision-making process in several ways. You may have already voted in a school election, or even been elected as a representative for your form / school. Many people also showed their support for the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005 by wearing a wristband. There are many other ways that a citizen can participate in the political process. They include; 1. Signing a petition 2. Writing a letter / Sending an E-mail to an MP 3. Joining a pressure group 4. Joining a political party Democracy means rule by the people, and Britain is a good example of a democratic society. Almost all countries in Europe and the Americas are democratic. However, several countries in Africa and Asia are undemocratic, such as North Korea and Zimbabwe. They are more commonly known as dictatorships. You will need to state and explain what makes a country democratic. There are four main factors to consider; 1.
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