Deviance and crime

Deviance and crime - Deviance and crime You need to...

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Deviance and crime You need to distinguish between deviant behaviour and criminal behaviour. Criminal behaviour Deviant behaviour Crime consists of behaviour that breaks the law (e.g. murder, theft) Deviancy consists of behaviour that differs from the norms and values of wider society Those who exhibit deviant behaviour act and dress in a way that differs to the norms and values of wider society. One example of a deviant group is goths. Most cases of deviant behaviour are legal, but in some cases their behaviour can result in criminal activity. A group of people who exhibit deviant behaviour share their own norms and values that form a distinct subculture. Deviant groups are often labelled by the media in a negative manner. Tabloid newspapers tend to take a more overtly biased approach towards labelling deviant groups, although labelling is not simply confined to the ‘red-top’ press. TV also plays a role in labelling certain groups.
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