Differential achievement

Differential achievement - at school It may be due to •...

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Differential achievement There are wide variations amongst the educational achievement of different groups within society. On average girls do better than boys, and children of middle-class parents do better than children of working-class parents. You need to be aware of some of the reasons behind this. In the case of the former, consider the following factors; Girls are more likely to take greater pride in their work The sociologist Angela McRobbie identified the existence of a “bedroom culture.” There are many elements to this, but one consequence is that girls often disapprove of boisterous behaviour amongst other girls. In terms of social class, there are various explanations as to why middle-class children do better
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Unformatted text preview: at school. It may be due to; • Cultural capital (i.e. the level of educational resources and knowledge provided by the family). The term is associated with the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu • Better living conditions • Higher level of aspiration • The halo-effect from (middle-class) teachers • A greater awareness of the benefits of deferred gratification • Peer values that encourage a more studious approach to schoolwork There are also marked differences between different ethnic groups, and you need to understand some of the reasons behind such differences....
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