Evaluatio1 - conception of crime - and what should be done...

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Evaluation 1. All New Right Realism tends to rest upon a conception of human behaviour that sees it as being " fundamentally rational " in an abstract / absolute sense. That is, it ignores the fact that whilst people may make rational choices (although what is meant by "rational" is not particularly clear - how do we define and measure such a concept?), these choices are conditioned by various structural constraints that surround their lives in any society. 2. Much New Right Realism is political rationalization masquerading as impartial theory . In basic terms, the "poor are the problem" that has to be controlled. The fact that people are poor and powerless is apparently justification enough for any action that might be taken against them by the State. In this respect, the poor are seen as potential criminals; therefore, this justifies harsher treatment from the police, in terms of the overall control of their behaviour. 3. The "primary concerns" that New Right Realism's identify in order to justify their particular
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Unformatted text preview: conception of crime - and what should be done about it - are ideological judgements / preconceptions masquerading as "objective facts". It is, for example, highly convenient that the "public" should be more concerned about those types of crime that (coincidentally of course) reflect the moral / political concerns of New Right Realism writers. .. 4. The New Right tend to decry State intervention in people's lives when it suits their particular ideological purpose (the fiction, for example, that the Welfare State makes people less able to look after their own affairs) - yet whole-heartedly advocate massive State intervention in people's lives where crime is concerned. The suspicion here, is that State intervention is perfectly okay when it acts in the interests of a powerful elite, but not okay when it acts against the interests of this particular class....
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Evaluatio1 - conception of crime - and what should be done...

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