Muin_notes - Goal of Digital Recording Produce high quality...

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Produce high quality recordings that are within the digital domain. Perfect reproduction. Digital recordings have advantages over analog: o Superior non-destructive editing o Potentially longer life o Ability to be sent over Internet o Expanded signal processing Analog Audio From the wax cylinder do the compact cassette, analog audio music storage and reproduction have been based on the same principles upon which human hearing are based. To be re-created into sound, the process is reversed Through amplification and then conversion back into physical waveforms via a loudspeaker Although its nature may change, its fundamental wave-like characteristics remain Sound on tape Mic (TD): amplifier console: tape recorder head (TD): tape: amplifier: volume: power amp: speaker (TD) Digital audio Mic (TD): amplifier console: recorded noise: tape recorder head (TD): tape: amplifier: recorded noise: volume: power amp: speaker (TD) Sound on Hard Drive Mic (TD): amplifier console: hard drive : (special digital) tape: hard drive : volume: power amp: speaker (TD) Conversion When converting from analog to digital signal, error is unavoidable . The digital signal's accuracy is dependent on the quantization resolution, or number of bits of the analog to digital converter. The difference between the actual analog value and approximated digital value due to the "rounding" that occurs while converting is called quantization error Digital Signal PathDigital Signal Path Conversion Digital audio converts the waveform into a stream of numbers. Binary Code This process can be much quieter because this transformation occurs before many forms of electronic noise. Analog suffers from noise generation during recording. Sampling Theory
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Muin_notes - Goal of Digital Recording Produce high quality...

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