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Formal and informal education

Formal and informal education - Formal and informal...

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Formal and informal education You need to distinguish between formal and informal education. Formal education Informal education What students are taught from the syllabus. Consists of the norms and values acquired from the school environment, such as doing what you are told and acceptance of a hierarchy. Sociologists often call informal education the “hidden curriculum” You must state and explain the role and purpose of schools. There are two main theoretical explanations to consider; o Functionalists argue that schools socialise children into the norms and values of wider society. This enables children to play a useful role within society when they leave school. o Marxists believe that schools merely reinforce class distinctions, which enables the bourgeoisie to exploit the proletariat in a capitalist society. Schools encourage children of the proletariat to accept a passive role within society, taking instructions from (mostly middle-class) teachers.
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