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I - Anthropo="human" ology="the study of"...

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I. Social Sciences as "Lenses" II. Overview of the Social Sciences A. Sociology - the study of group processes and the social structure B. Geography - the study of the spatial distribution of phenomena in society C. Anthropology - the study of the cultural aspects of societies III. Distinction between basic and applied sciences A. Basic Sciences focus primarily on understanding B. Applied Sciences focus primarily applying the understanding that comes from the basic sciences III. Understanding Society: Description vs. Explanation THE GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVE I. Introduction II. The Sub-fields of geography A. Physical Geography B. Human and Cultural Geography III. Two broad perspectives of geography A. A Spatial Perspective B. An Ecological Perspective THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE I. Introduction A. Definition 1. The term literally is translated as "the study of humans."
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Unformatted text preview: Anthropo= "human" ology= "the study of" 2. A common definition used in the field is "the study of human life in all its global diversity and history." B. History of the field II. Relationship of Anthropology to the other sciences III. Some characteristic features of Anthropology A. Holistic B. Comparative C. Historical IV. The Fields of Anthropology A. Physical Anthropology--the systematic study of humans as biological organisms B. Cultural Anthropology--the branch of anthropology that focuses on human behavior. 1. Archaeology--the study of material remains, usually from the past, to describe and explain human behavior 2. Linguistics--the branch of cultural anthropology that studies human language. 3. Ethnology--the study of cultures that can be observed firsthand....
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