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Interpretive Framework B1 - Interpretive Framework B1:...

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Interpretive Framework B1: Instrumental Marxist. Like most (all?) sociological perspectives, Marxism is home to a wide variety of different interpretive frameworks, although each shares a certain number of common principles concerning the basic aspects of the social world (the idea that Capitalist societies, for example, involve some kind of class conflict would be an example of just such a principle). For our purposes here, however, it would be useful to look at two sub- perspectives within the overall theoretical framework that we term "Marxism" and the first of these that we need to consider is that of "traditional" or, more correctly, "instrumental" Marxism. .. Organizing Principles of the Instrumental Marxist Framework. We have already looked, in some detail, at a general overview of the organizing principles of Marxist perspectives in both the Deviance Notes "Orthodox Marxism" and the "Perspectives and Methodologies" Notes. If you have not looked at either of these Study Packs then it would be useful if you did so before proceeding further, since they will familiarize you with some of the basic principles that I am now going to elaborate in relation to this particular form of Marxism. Marxists generally see social class as the most important variable in the explanation of social interaction. Whilst Marxists may differ over their interpretation of the specific ways in which class plays a part in determining the overall social organization of any society, they generally agree that, ultimately, an individual's position in the economic structure of
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Interpretive Framework B1 - Interpretive Framework B1:...

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