Introducti10 - basic assumptions of positivist sociology...

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Introduction For many years, Durkheim's analysis of suicide was considered to be a model of sociological analysis, for two main reasons: 1. It provided a relatively precise set of methodological principles for the conduct of social research. 2. Most importantly, it represented research showing how sociologists could analyse social phenomena and construct scientific explanations of that behaviour. However, Durkheim's analysis came under increasing criticism, within sociology, on two main fronts: 1. Positivism - The Internal critique : From the 1930's onwards, with the adoption of a Hypothetico-deductive model of analysis, Durkheim's methodology began to be criticised by positivist sociologists who argued that his form of inductive logic was methodologically inadequate. 2. Interactionism - The External critique : From the 1960's onwards, Interactionist sociologists started to question a number of the most
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Unformatted text preview: basic assumptions of positivist sociology itself - in particular, the idea that the social world can be relatively easily quantified on the basis of agreed "facts" about the social world. Although both forms of critique derived from different sources, what they have in common is that both stem from a criticism of Durkheim's methodology and, in particular, his relatively uncritical approach to the use of secondary sources of data. By looking at these two forms of criticism, therefore, we should be able to understand something about the present nature of sociological methodology and theory-development and, in addition, the current state of sociological theorising about the nature of suicidal behaviour. .....
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Introducti10 - basic assumptions of positivist sociology...

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