Introducti14 - Introduction The New Criminology The idea of...

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Introduction : The New Criminology. .. The idea of a new , radical , form of criminology - one based upon concepts such as class, power and ideology developed by Marxists in their analysis of Capitalist society - developed initially in Britain and the United States in the early 1970's . The prime movers behind the development of Radical Criminology in Britain were Paul Taylor , Ian Walton and Jock Young and the first statement of their intent to formulate a "new theory of deviance" came in the book " The New Criminology ", 1973 (which, not surprisingly, is why Radical Criminology is sometimes referred-to as the " New Criminology " or even " Critical Criminology " following the publication of an anthology of the same name in 1975 ). These two works represent the primary source of ideas concerning this "new" form of critical deviancy analysis and, whilst other works (such as "Policing the Crisis" by Hall et al) can be considered to form part of a (brief) body of Radical Criminological thought, it is the work of Taylor, Walton and Young that forms the core of these Notes. Radical Criminology , to paraphrase Taylor, Walton and Young, represented a modern attempt to move the focus of criminological debate (as they saw it) away from both traditional criminological preoccupation's (attempting to explain crime and deviance from " official " points of view, such as how to explain criminal behaviour in " individualistic " terms - see the varieties of Functionalist theories we've considered in earlier Teachers' Notes ) and Interactionist theories which, whilst suggesting that power - in the form of a social reaction to behaviour - was a significant variable,
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Introducti14 - Introduction The New Criminology The idea of...

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