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Bio Exam II Review

Bio Exam II Review - Bio Exam II Review Prokaryotic...

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Bio Exam II Review Prokaryotic flagella doesn’t have 9x2 flagellum like eukaryotic—prokaryotic and eukaryotic flagella is different (LOOK IT UP) R plasmid contains genes for antibiotic resistance Question : Which of the following is descriptive of an F-plasmid? Answer : during conjugation a sex pili transfers the plasmid from the donor cell to the recipient cell F-plasmid aka F factor—related to sex pili Question Green algae share which of the following features with land plants? Answer chlorophyll b (old questions, unlikely it will be as specific) Algae contain no peptidoglycans, and not involved in nitrogen fixation Connect green algae with land plants Reasons why red, green algae and plants are included in same classification (know them!) Table 25-1 can be incorporated into answer choices Question : most of the nuclei in a mushroom fruiting body are Answer : dikaryotic, n+n Basidiomycete (bold word in book?) Fungal Life cycle- 2 types asexual and sexual
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