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Introductio7 - Introduction In this chapter students...

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Introduction In this chapter students learned about what sociology is and how it is different from the other social sciences. You also read about the contributions of the major pioneers in the field of sociology as well as the development of sociology in the United States. One thing that captures the attention of sociologists is social structure—the patterned interaction of people in social relationships. As children enter adolescence, their groups of friends—their peers—play an increasingly important role in their lives. Our peer groups exert considerable influence on our behavior—and that influence can be both positive and negative. In this activity, students will take a closer look at the role of peer groups for adolescents. Lesson Description Students will visit the Oberlin College Web site to read an article about teens and peer groups. After answering several questions about the role of peer groups, students will write a reflective essay about examples of peer groups that they have either witnessed or experienced. Instructional Objectives
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