Introductio8 - Introduction In these Notes the initial...

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Introduction In these Notes the initial focus of attention will be the way the mass media has developed historically in Britain. Although we will make reference to both the structure of the media as a whole and individual aspects of the media (publishing, broadcasting and so forth), this area will be developed in much greater detail in the "Ownership and Control" Notes that develop and complement the work we are going to do here. In addition, we will start to develop some ideas about the (political, economic and ideological) significance of technological developments. To begin with, it might be useful to look at brief histories of both print and electronic media as a means of establishing various landmarks in the technological (and political) development of the mass media as a whole. The following list is not, of course, exhaustive or definitive, but its main purpose is simply to provide a potted historical context for the broader analysis of technological development that follows. A Brief History of Print Media. .. Circa 800's Chinese develop a system of block printing. Circa 1100's Arab traders bring papermaking techniques to Europe. 1455 Johann Gutenburg invents a movable type system. 1476 William Caxton prints the first English book. 1702 First English daily newspaper published ("The Daily Courant"). 1709 Copyright Act passed by Parliament. 1712 1d (0.5p) tax on every sheet of a newsprint. (effectively pricing newspapers out of the reach of most of the population). 1772 Press allowed to report Parliamentary debates for first time. 1785 First issue of "The Times" published. 1815 Newspaper tax raised to 4d (1.5p) per sheet of newsprint. 1853 Newspaper advertisement tax abolished. 1855 Newspaper Stamp tax abolished. 1861 Newsprint tax abolished. 1896 First "popular" paper produced ("The Daily Mail"). 1919 Public Libraries Act passed by Parliament. 1935 First Penguin paperback published. 1986 First newspaper to use computer production and colour printing technology launched ("Today"). A Brief History of Electronic Media.
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Introductio8 - Introduction In these Notes the initial...

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