Introductio9 - Module 4 Introduction Mass Media and Popular...

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Module 4 Mass Media and Popular Culture Introduction In previous Study Packs we've laid the groundwork for an understanding of the general relationship between the concepts of media ownership and control , culture and ideology . In this Study Pack, therefore, we need to look at this relationship in a bit more detail. Specifically, we are going to apply these concepts to a particular sociological problem , namely the social process whereby media content is selected and presented to an audience . Before we consider this process, however, it is necessary to recap some of the ideas we have already established. We can characterise a culture as a " way of life "; that is, as a shared system of beliefs about the nature of the social world that incorporates certain values , attitudes and norms of behaviour . Cultures usually involve a number of different ideologies (ways of explaining the things we see and experience), although one ideology is always dominant (that is, most widely held in society). An ideology is a " world view " - a framework of related ideas that provides us with a context through which we can "make sense" of the information that surrounds us in our daily lives. We use
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Introductio9 - Module 4 Introduction Mass Media and Popular...

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