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Models Of News Production - Module 4 Mass Media and Popular...

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Module 4 Mass Media and Popular Culture Models Of News Production. We can organise our knowledge about the way the content of the media is selected and presented around a number of sociological models that deal generally with this topic. In this respect, I propose to do the following for each of three different models of media production. (To help your analysis and understanding, I've bracketed the various Skill Domains that will be covered in relation to each area.). 1. Provide a basic outline of the model. 2. Examine evidence that supports the model. 3. Examine evidence that criticises the model . 4. Summarise the conclusions that can be drawn about the reliability and validity of the model on the basis of the evidence that has been discussed. You should note that the three models fit reasonably neatly into the categories we looked at in relation to media ownership and control . A: The Manipulative Model of Media Content. Knowledge and Interpretation Interpretation and Application Interpretation, Application and Evaluation . Interpretation and Evaluation . There are two Marxist models: a. Manipulative - a model put-forward by Instrumental Marxists. b. Hegemonic - a model put-forward by Structural Marxists. and a Pluralist model. Each will be outlined and discussed in turn.
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1. An outline of the model . For our purposes, we can assume that Manipulation theory has its origins within the Frankfurt School of Marxism. Two main concepts are significant to this model, those of a
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Models Of News Production - Module 4 Mass Media and Popular...

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