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Movement and settlement - with an established system of...

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Movement and settlement You need to be aware of the reasons why people migrate to the UK. They are usually classified into two types; push and pull factors Push factors Pull factors To gain a better life due to a lack of job opportunities in their ‘home’ country The UK is the 5th wealthiest economy in the world and demand for labour is relatively high, particularly those with badly-needed skills (e.g. plumbing) To escape from absolute poverty There is a relatively high standard of living in the UK, even for those less well- off within society Asylum seekers want to leave their home country because of persecution for their political beliefs. Some asylum seekers are also persecuted on the basis of their ethnicity Britain is an open and democratic society
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Unformatted text preview: with an established system of laws and conventions designed to protect citizens rights Migration also has an impact upon patterns of family and community relationships. The impact of migration can be both positive, and negative. The family The community Negatives Family ties are often weakened when one person emigrates to another country High levels of immigration can contribute to heightened racial tension. This is a particular problem in cities with a relatively high number of immigrants Positives The existence of an extended family in the UK can make migration easier upon the person concerned Immigrant groups make a considerable contribution to the UK’s economy, and add diversity to our multi-cultural society...
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