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Architecture essay 2 - 1 Brandon Vecchio Research Paper#2...

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1 Brandon Vecchio Research Paper #2 Bess C. Swantner The Church of Light The Church of Light is located in a quiet residential district in Ibaraki City, a suburb outside of Osaka. Originally, the area only consisted of a chapel and the minister’s house, both of wood construction. Architect Tadao Ando added the Church on in 1989 and completed this task with a less than impressive budget. Ando is quite fond of concrete, and his fascination of this building material has led other architects to call his concrete, “Ando” concrete. The walls appear silky smooth and soft and considerable care was taken to make sure the walls were the best, as current technology would allow. Tadao’s buildings, although unique and groundbreaking, resemble some of those built during the Renaissance. The architect’s during the Renaissance thought that numbers and geometry were magical and represented something more than just a building; Ando caries out this notion of geometric perfection with his use of perfect rectangles and squares. Tadao Ando gains further inspiration from items in nature such as the light from the sun and the wood from the earth. The church is a rectangular concrete box in which three spheres, each with a diameter of 5.9 meters, could be inscribed. It’s interior is penetrated by a wall angled at 15 degrees. This diagonal wall is 18 centimeters lower than the main section and divides the space into the actual chapel and an entrance space. If you were to enter from one
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2 entrance, you would pass through an opening made in the diagonal wall, and turn 180
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Architecture essay 2 - 1 Brandon Vecchio Research Paper#2...

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