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Perspectives and Ideologies - the glass is half full whilst...

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Perspectives and Ideologies: Closing Comments. .. The three basic perspectives on the media that have just been outlined can be characterised as ideologies. That is, they represent particular ways of looking at the same thing (social reality, the mass media and so forth). In sociological terms, neither is right, (just as neither is wrong), in the sense that we have no real and ultimately valid way of coming to such a conclusion. This conclusion reflects the nature of the social world, to the extent that we can characterise it as being socially constructed. The important point to note here is that the way you see the nature of a social phenomenon (in this case the mass media) will determine the way that you interpret its nature and significance. A simple analogy might help you to grasp this idea. Imagine a pint of beer that has been half finished. An optimistic person might claim that
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Unformatted text preview: the glass is half full, whilst a pessimistic individual might claim that the glass is half empty. Both, in this instance, are correct, but the important point to note is that the ideological perspective of each individual (optimism or pessimism) determines the way in which they interpret the same phenomenon. Having looked at various perspectives on culture, ideology, ownership and control, as they relate to the mass media in very general terms, our next task is to look at the more specific implications these perspectives have for their explanations of the way in which social reality is actively constructed in our society. We can start to do this in the following Notes by looking at various sociological models relating to the way in which media organizations attempt to construct and impart a particular "world view" of our society....
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