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Political change You will need to describe and explain changes to the distribution of political power since the 1970s. The main changes have been as follows; Britain joining the European Union (EU) in 1973. One impact of British membership of the EU has been an erosion of national sovereignty A decline in the power of the trade unions A rise in new social movements campaigning for issues such as protection of the environment, and the rights of gay people Devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This means that Westminster deals with issues that affect the whole of the UK (e.g. defence and foreign policy), whereas regional parliaments deal with local issues such as health and education. The meaning of work Work is either paid or unpaid. Paid work is what most people associate with the term ‘work’. Unpaid work includes housework and schoolwork. Most people in full-time employment work 5 days a week, although there has been an increase in
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Unformatted text preview: the number of people working at weekends and part-time. In recent years, the ability to work flexible hours has grown in importance. The time we have outside of work is usually termed leisure. The amount of leisure time has been affected in recent years by; o The long hours culture o The length of time people in work are prepared to commute Many workers have experienced a decline in their amount of leisure time. This has resulted in less quality time devoted to relationships, but it has probably contributed to an increase in personal wealth, and a relatively good economy. In sociological terms employment plays a major role in terms of; • Determining a person’s level of income • Defining a person’s status and social class • Life chances. For example those in social classes AB enjoy greater life chances than those in social classes DE...
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