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Population and change

Population and change - Population and change You need to...

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Population and change You need to distinguish between urbanisation and de-urbanisation. 1. Urbanisation occurs when people move into the cities. In recent years a growing number of young professionals have moved into fashionable city apartments. 2. De-urbanisation occurs when people move out of cities. Since the 1970s a considerable number of people have moved out of cities and into the suburbs. This is due to several factors such as a lower crime rate in the suburbs, a higher standard of living and an attempt to lead a greener lifestyle For the examination you will also need to know the similarities and differences between rural and urban life. Rural life Urban life Life in the countryside has grown in popularity due to the desire amongst many people to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle Urban areas offer more convenience and a fast-past lifestyle; both of which tends to suit younger people Issues such as fox hunting and farming are important to the rural economy.
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  • Fall '10
  • Bernhardt
  • fashionable city apartments, rural areas commute, people environmentally-friendly lifestyle, Rural life Urban

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