chapter 23 review

chapter 23 review - Lecture 9 Chapter 23 (Systematics), 21...

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A. Classifying Organisms Biodiversity the variety of living organisms and the variety of ecosystems they form 1.7 million species named 4100 million more unidentified Systematics scientific study of the diversity of organisms and their evolutionary relationships Taxonomy science Taxonomic Categories domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species system proposed in 1700s by Carolus Linnaeus Taxon a formal grouping of organisms Three Domains Bacteria Six Kingdoms Bacteria, Archae, Fungi, Protists, Plants, Animals Species only part of scheme where organisms actually exist share a common gene pool; can interbreed Binomial System of Nomenclature genus + specific epithet/term ex. white oak – Quercus alba Phylogenic tree scientists
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species graphically represents the evolutionary history of a group of species To determine whether various species share a common ancestor, scientists examine. . Physical
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chapter 23 review - Lecture 9 Chapter 23 (Systematics), 21...

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