chapter 32 review

chapter 32 review - Lecture 15 Chapter 32 Plant Structure...

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A. Fruit develops during development of embryo; protects seed Simple Fruit – forms from 1 ovary – Fleshy (ex. Tomato) or Dry (ex. Acorn) Aggregate Fruit – produced from 1 flower, but many ovaries (ex. blackberry, raspberry) Multiple Fruit – develops from many flowers on a short piece of stem (ex. pineapple) Accessory Fruit – develops from receptacle, which enlarges (ex. apple, pear) B. Plant Anatomy Plant Cells has plasma membrane around outside 80% of it is vacuole Primary Cell Wall has while cell is still growing composed of polymer cellulose, as well as hemicelluloses and pectin can expand because microfibrils slide past one another Secondary Cell Wall in addition to hemicelluloses and pectin, has lignin and cellulose to hold microfibrils together lignin makes secondary cell walls rigid Middle Lamella composed of pectin holds cells together cells organize themselves into tissues 1. Simple tissue – composed of only 1 cell type 2. Complex tissue – composed of more than 1 cell type Tissues
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are organized into tissue systems 1. Ground – makes up most of plant; functions in storage and photosynthesis, as well as support in young plants 2. Vascular – conducts and transports materials; becomes primary means of support as plant gets older 3. Dermal – outer covering of plant; functions in protection C. Ground Tissue System composed of 3 simple tissues 1. Parenchyma Tissue composed of parenchyma cells only has primary cell wall (mostly cellulose, also hemicelluloses and pectin)
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chapter 32 review - Lecture 15 Chapter 32 Plant Structure...

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