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chapter 35 review - Lecture 16 Chapter 35 Roots Mineral...

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I. Root Systems two types of root systems: fibrous and tap A. Fibrous Root System has several roots of similar size developing from the end of the stem, with lateral roots branching off these roots form in plants that have a shortlived embryonic root exist in monocots adventitious roots – develop from parts of a plant other than another root B. Taproot System consists of 1 main root that formed from the seedling’s enlarging radicle, or embryonic root many lateral roots of various sizes branch out of a taproot exist in eudicots II. Root Structure A. Root Cap protective, slime layer many cells thick protects apical meristem allows easier movement of root into stem detects detection of gravity may orient root so that it grows downward B. Apical Meristem area of cell division cells divide up and down root C. Root Hairs extension of cytoplasm of epidermal cell increases surface area for absorption fairly
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short lived area of maturation no waxy cuticle D. Area of Elongation vessels pick up water and form large vacuoles some differentiation occurs here, above the apical meristem III. Herbaceous Eudicot Root central core of vascular tissue lacks pith, a ground tissue found in the center of many stems and roots A . epidermis covers the root B . cortex composed of loosely packed parenchyma cells composed the bulk of a herbaceous eudicot root primary function is storage of starch, an insoluble carbohydrate composed of glucose subunits these reserves provide energy for growth and cell replacement following an injury have intercellular spaces that provide a pathway for water uptake and allow for aeration of root usually lack supporting collenchyma cells, probably because the soil supports the
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chapter 35 review - Lecture 16 Chapter 35 Roots Mineral...

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