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Role of education in society

Role of education in society - League tables distort the...

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Role of education in society You need to be aware of the reasons behind education reforms to British schools since the 1970s, and the impact of such changes. One example would be the Education Act 1988, when the Conservative government of Mrs. Thatcher introduced league tables in order to provide greater choice for parents. By comparing school results, parents can make a more informed decision as to which school is the best one for their children. The impact of league tables remains controversial, with both positives and negatives to be considered. POSITIVES NEGATIVES Greater choice and competition has improved the educational performance of schools Schools have concentrated upon results at the expense of an all-round education Schools and teachers have a greater incentive to gain good results for their students
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Unformatted text preview: League tables distort the real worth and purpose of education Pushy parents have been able to work the system in order to gain the best school for their child Good schools are oversubscribed (i.e. they have more applicants than places) whereas under-achieving schools have found it more difficult to attract good students Schools have been more willing to select students on the basis of educational ability. This may have worked against the interests of the less academically able The present government wants to give state schools more independence from local authorities. The aim is to reduce bureaucracy, enable schools to adopt a spet area such as sport or music, and encourage more competition amongst schools. Critics argue that such reforms will create a “two-tier education system.”...
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