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Social change and stratification

Social change and stratification - Social change and...

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Social change and stratification You should be aware of recent changes to the class structure of British society. There are several points to consider; Society has become more open in recent years as people have found it easier to move from one social class to another. This most common trajectory is the movement of people from the working-class to the middle-class. Some sociologists describe this movement as embourgeoisiement The life chances available to women have improved since the 1970s. One explanation for this is the impact of feminism. The life chances available to people from ethnic minorities have also improved in recent years, in part due to legislation designed to prevent discrimination. Changing attitudes within society should also be considered A small minority of people still gain a position within society via ascribed status (e.g. the royal family) You also need to identify changes to the distribution of wealth and income within society since the 1970s. For example due to changes to the tax and benefits system, the rich have gained
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