gen bio Chapter 4

gen bio Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Organization of the Cell Cell...

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Cell theory 1. smallest unit to carry out all activities associated with life maintenance growth and division a. contained in DNA codes 2. all cells come from other cells a. single cells ( prokaryotes, protests, fungi) b. multicellular (plants and animals) 3. common ancestry homeostasis - cells have many organelles, internal structures that carry out specific functions, that help maintain homeostasis o appropriate internal environment with must be retained to allow biochemical function during constant changes in environment - cell organizations and size are critical to maintain homeostasis o process called pipatry, meaning more, when a cell starts accumulating fluids over and above what it needs, needs to accommodate the change in size plasma membrane - separates cell from external environment - maintains internal conditions - allows the cell to exchange materials with outer environment - encloses internal structures (organelles) o genetic material; DNA, RNA o metabolic integrity (energy conversions) o manufacture (function and reproduction) prokaryotic- cells lack internal membrane organization (as well see later) - include a cell wall that surrounds that plasma membrane providing an extra external later (expand later) eukaryotic cells are divided into compartments by internal membranes - membranes provide separate, small areas for specialized activities measurement - most celss are microscopic: o meter millimeter=1/1000 m= 10(-3)m micrometer=1/1000000m=10(-6)m nanometer= 1/1000000000m=10(-9)m millimeter= 1/1000meter micrometer=1/1000millimeter nanometer= 1/1000micrometer cells are small: - short distance between molecule traveling to their destinations – increases speed of reaction
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gen bio Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Organization of the Cell Cell...

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