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Sociological approaches to criminal and deviant behaviour

Sociological approaches to criminal and deviant behaviour -...

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Sociological approaches to criminal and deviant behaviour Sub-cultural theory suggests that certain groups within society form their own distinct subculture that differs from the rest of society. As part of the process of socialisation, certain forms of behaviour become the norm from one generation to the next. There are several examples of sub- cultures within society. For example the sociologist Albert Cohen studied the subculture of working-class boys in education. You also need to understand the impact of different sub-cultures upon wider society. For example, the existence of various groups sharing their own subcultures can make it difficult to establish social cohesion within society. A revealing illustration can be found in Northern Ireland, where society is divided between Catholics and Protestants. For the examination you will need to know about crime statistics. Since the mid – 1990s, the level of crime has gradually declined. However, some types of crime have increased sharply in recent years; such as youth crime. One reason for the rapid increase in youth crime is the
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