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Summary - Summary 1 Early biological theories tended...

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Summary 1. Early biological theories tended towards seeing crime as a form of illness, caused by pathological factors specific to certain classes of individuals. 2. A major version of such theorising is contained in the work of Lombroso (“L’Uomo Deliquente”, 1876), where he argued that criminals were throwbacks to an earlier, more primitive, form of man. 3. Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck claimed to have discovered an apparent relationship between physical build and delinquent behaviour in males. They argued that stocky, rounded, individuals (known as mesomorphs) tended to be more active and aggressive than people with other types of physical build. 4. The psychologist Hans Eysenck has proposed that there is a connection between “extrovert personalities” and criminal behaviour. 5. A key concept in the above is that of deviant socialisation - the idea that we learn to be deviant - through the family, mass media and so forth. In this respect, the deviant is
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