The Geographic Distribution Of Crime

The Geographic Distribution Of Crime - The Geographic...

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The Geographic Distribution Of Crime. As a general rule, more crime takes place in urban than rural areas. A number of possible reasons can be advanced to account for this observation: 1. There is more opportunity for crime in urban areas: In this respect, there are more people, more places in which to commit crimes and so forth. 2. There are more police resources in urban areas: This tends to increase the possibility that crime will be notified to / by the police, but it is also interesting to note that, in relation to the more visible forms of crime that take place in our society, there is a greater likelihood of detection / police involvement. 3. In rural areas, patterns of association tend to be characterised by informal social controls, whereby in relatively close-knit communities people are able to exercise far higher levels of personal social control over people that they know. In urban areas, the opposite may be true, insofar as most social relationships tend to be relatively impersonal and hence lacking in close personal ties. In such areas, the influence of informal social controls may be much weaker. Ferdinand Tonnies expressed this difference in the basic form of social relationships by arguing that rural areas tended to be characterised by " Gemeinschaft " type arrangements: These are defined as small-scale, close-knit "community" types where "everyone knows everyone else" and people make it their business to know what is going-on in their community. He contrasted this with "
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The Geographic Distribution Of Crime - The Geographic...

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