The Role of the Mass Medi2

The Role of the Mass Medi2 - The Role of the Mass Media....

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The Role of the Mass Media. For instrumental Marxists, the role of the mass media in Capitalist society is that of ensuring that the views and interests of a ruling class are presented to the rest of the population in such a way as to ensure that people accept as normal and right the inequalities inherent in Capitalist societies. The main function of the mass media, therefore, is one of social control; that is, the attempt to control the behaviour of other classes in society. This is achieved through such means as: a. Denying access to competing views about the nature of the social world. b. Presenting a picture of social life that is invariably favourable to the interests of a ruling class. c. Directly influencing the way in which other classes receive information about the social world. d. Providing entertainments and diversions that stop people thinking about the ways in which they are exploited and oppressed. This includes the use of scapegoating techniques (for example, "normal people" as opposed to "travellers") designed to create divisions within and between social classes, ethnic groups, genders and the like and so deflect any possible criticism away from a ruling class. In relation to the above, therefore, we can note that the content of the mass media is inevitably biased (both directly through privately owned media such as newspapers, television channels and so forth and indirectly through publicly owned media such as television). Ownership and Control.
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The Role of the Mass Medi2 - The Role of the Mass Media....

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