The Role of the Mass Media

The Role of the Mass Media - The Role of the Mass Media. In...

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Unformatted text preview: The Role of the Mass Media. In a similar way to the Functionalist perspective, Pluralists tend to define the role of the mass media in democratic societies in a number of ways: 1. Firstly, it provides an information service that keeps people in touch with political and economic developments, serves spet interest groups (youth, gardening enthusiasts, cookery enthusiasts and so forth). A major role, therefore, is that of information provider in an increasingly complex society. 2. Secondly, it provides a means whereby the activities of powerful groups can be policed, criticised, held in check and reformed in a modern society. The function of the media, in this respect, is one of providing a countervailing balance to the power enjoyed by politicians, business groups and so forth. 3. Thirdly, the media performs a social control function in that it is powerful enough to represent the interests of "ordinary people" (who tend to lack the power and organization to effectively confront deviance by the powerful). In this respect, the mass media can hold up for public scrutiny the activities of politicians, political parties, powerful individuals, business organizations, Trade Unions and the like. Ownership and Control... In terms of the distinction between ownership and control in the mass media, Pluralist writers have tended to argue that economic ownership is an important source of power in society. This is a similar interpretation to that put forward by Marxist writers. However, one way in which the two perspectives differ is in relation to the idea of control of the...
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The Role of the Mass Media - The Role of the Mass Media. In...

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