The Structure of Social Life

The Structure of Social Life - The Structure of Social...

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The Structure of Social Life: Values, Norms, Roles and Status. 1. So far, we have looked at the ideas of society , culture and s ocialisation in very general terms. The next stage in our development of sociological understanding is to look at the significance of these ideas in more specific terms. To help us do this, we need to look at a number of related ideas that give substance to the sociological argument that human social behaviour is learned. In this respect, we take a lead from Barnard and Burgess (“Sociology Explained”, 1996) when they note that: “Societies work or function because each individual member of that society plays particular roles and each role carries a status and norms which are informed by the values and beliefs of the culture of that society. The process of learning these roles and the norms and values appropriate to them from those around us is called socialisation ”. * The main ideas we need to explore in greater depth, therefore, are those of: * Social Role. * Social Status. * Values and * Norms. 2. We are going to use these ideas to show some of the basic ways that social behaviour is structured (that is, how our behaviour as individuals is socially organised). Values. 1. We saw earlier the idea that all human societies have certain problems that have to be solved if life is to be maintained. There are a variety of ways, as I have suggested, that people can decide to solve these problems and the choices we make concerning such solutions are based upon what sociologists call values . * Values
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The Structure of Social Life - The Structure of Social...

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