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What is Sociology? Sociology is the “study of human society.” For the examination, you need to know a number of concepts and terms used in the subject. There are three main areas you need to consider; Social structures (e.g. the family, education, social stratification, etc.) Social systems (e.g. culture and identity, agents of social control, etc.) Social issues (e.g. the causes of crime, the impact of unemployment, etc.) As you might expect of a social science, there are several explanations as to how we can best understand human society. The main theoretical perspectives covered in GCSE Sociology are; o Functionalism o Marxism o Feminism o The New Right o Functionalism Functionalists believe that society can best be compared to a living organ, in which institutions and people all have a function to play with society. For example, the function of the family is to socialise children. Functionalist theorists include Talcott Parsons and Emile Durkheim. o
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