William Chambliss - William Chambliss ("The Political...

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William Chambliss ("The Political Economy of Crime"): Chambliss highlights the theoretical differences between two Structuralist perspectives (Functionalism and Marxism). Form this distinction he then tried to develop, through a 6- year participant observation study of crime in the American city of Seattle , an analysis of how certain types of lower class crimes are not only not discouraged but actively encouraged by control agencies and the local bourgeoisie. He argues there is a symbiotic (mutually beneficial but unequal) relationship between: a. Law enforcement agents / politicians. b. Local men who control the distribution of gambling, prostitution, pornography and usury (high interest loans) - which he terms "Vice Lords". The thing that bound these two together - the official law makers and enforcers and the unofficial law makers and enforces - was bribery / payoffs . The Vice Lords ("the syndicate") made their money from illegal activity. To stay in business they had to payoff police, politicians and local government
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William Chambliss - William Chambliss ("The Political...

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