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Arab Israeli Conflic6 - Arab Israeli Conflict The Suez War...

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Arab Israeli Conflict The Suez War, 1956: Israel attacked Egypt as part of an Anglo-French ruse (namely a painfully-obvious Batman Gambit ) to prevent the nationalization of the Suez Canal; the Israelis joined for somewhat more sensible reasons (ending an Egyptian blockade of Israeli shipping through the Red Sea, and ending terrorist attacks and other nuisances originating from Egyptian- held territory). Israel seized the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula, while Britain and France took over the Canal itself to "separate" the Egyptians and Israelis "in the cause of peace." While the unprepared Egyptians frankly got their asses kicked militarily, clever Cold War political maneuvering by the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser (convincing both the Soviet Union and United States to oppose the venture) made up for that; France and Britain soon folded and evacuated their troops. Israel withstood combined Soviet and American pressure into 1957,
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