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Hindenburg - Hindenburg The Hindenburg and its horrific...

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Hindenburg The Hindenburg and its horrific last flight is an example of the following: Broadcasting In The United States - A historic moment remembered (and replayed) even today. Cool Airship - It remains the largest object made by man to ever fly. Intrepid Reporter - Herb Morrison is remembered as a hero by radio and television newscasters. He had a long and successful life and career. His assistant Charlie Nehlsen, who actually operated the disc recording machine, should also be remembered; he had the presence of mind to adjust the needle back onto the disc after the massive explosion had jarred it askew (you can hear this, right after Morrison says, "It burst into flames," if you listen carefully). Made of Explodium - Airships were supposed to use helium, which is very stable and nonflammable. But this was available only in and from the United States, which had imposed a ban on overseas sales for strategic reasons . The Germans used the less expensive (and extremely volatile) hydrogen gas instead. If that was not enough, the
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