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History Of The Cold War Quagmire, Soviet Style- Afghanistan In 1973, power in Afghanistan was seized from the monarchy in a coup by a former Prime Minister (and the King's cousin) named Daoud. Daoud had been appointed by the King, but that King was no longer well-liked, so Daoud abolished the monarchy . However, he didn't prove a very successful leader, and in the past couple of decades the monarchy's corruption had made the local Marxist party - the PDPA - quite popular. Despite having split in 1967 into the parcham (Flag) and khalq (Masses) factions, it remained fairly powerful. Daoud did his best to repress them, using all the ordinary means. In 1978, Daoud was overthrown by the Afghan Army, who sympathized with the PDPA. The result was the Marxist-led Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, which lasted eighteen months. The PDPA offended many traditionally-minded Afghans with reforms of marriage customs. Their outlawing of usury- both deeply Islamic and socialist- made bitter enemies of wealthy landlords. And the brutality of their enforcement of land reforms made them unpopular all-around.
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