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History Of The Cold War All We're Saying Is Give Rioting A Chance Back in the United States, the population was getting increasingly unhappy with the war. The war was broadcast, uncensored, on US TV every night. It generally looked bad. The military would trumpet the "body count" (the number of insurgents they had killed), but these figures were exaggerated. The nub of the issue was the draft. Selective Service (to give it the proper title), done on a lottery system, had been around in the past — Elvis Presley was famously drafted for two years in the 1950s. The draft had some exemptions. You would not be drafted if you were in college. Since poor people couldn't afford college, you can guess how that went. This was changed at the end of the war. Being married meant you were not drafted. Later, they changed the rule so you needed to have a child. Nine months and two days after they changed that rule, former Vice President Dick Cheney's wife gave birth to their first child. We shall leave judgment on whether that was a
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