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History Of The Cold War The Space Race "The rocket worked perfectly except for landing on the wrong planet." —Wernher Von Braun, speaking of the V2 ballistic missile Nuclear weapons are all very deadly and good, but the superpowers needed a way of hurling them at each other. Both sides had long-distance bombers but they had limited range, and of course they could be shot down. Both the United States and the Soviet Union turned to rockets as a promising new weapons delivery technology. Back when the victorious Allies were hammering out the peace terms of World War II at Potsdam, both the American and Soviet authorities were combing Germany for rockets and rocket scientists (Americans hadn't hard feelings for German devastating of USSR). They had seen this new exciting way to kill people in action in the shape of the Nazi V2 ballistic missile, and while they were admittedly Cool, but Inefficient , both sides of the Iron Curtain realized the missiles could be developed into something rather more effective.
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