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History Of The Cold War Free Money for Democracies The Americans realized that most of Europe is not recovering from the war. Secretary of State George Marshall came up with a plan: give any county in Europe some free money, in exchange for them having a democracy. Theoretically an eastern block country could sign up, but never would; and the boost given to the western powers would help stave off communism's growth. For the most part the plan went off without a hitch, and Western Europe developed economically. Good luck muddling your way through the Eastern states. Things were a bit more. ...complicated there.) And then there was that business with Berlin. .. Here come the Candy Bombers! - The Berlin Blockade Berlin, as mentioned earlier, had been split into four occupation zones. This meant that the three Western Zones of Berlin were 90 miles inside the Soviet Zone. The Western Allies had set up a new German currency, the Deutsche Mark, in their zones. The Soviets refused to honour it, as
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