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History Of The Cold War What do we do with Germany? Or Europe for that matter? — Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam In 1943, Roosevelt , Stalin and Churchill met in Tehran, Iran. There they agreed that Germany's new eastern border would be the Oder-Neisse Line and that the Polish eastern border would pretty close to the Curzon Line, which was also very close to the division of Poland in 1939. The Curzon Line had been an earlier proposed Polish-Russian border- based on the third partition of Poland in 1795- which had a lot of Soviet ethnicities on the east side. The Polish government-in- exile wasn't happy, but ultimately Stalin refused to reconsider. Naturally the Germans wouldn't be happy either, losing a quarter of their country, but for obvious reasons no one else was that bothered about them at the time. By the Yalta Conference in February 1945, it was obvious to more or less everyone bar Hitler that Germany was going to lose the war. Stalin wanted a Soviet sphere of influence in Central
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