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History Of The Cold W36

History Of The Cold W36 - History Of The Cold War The...

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History Of The Cold War The Russian Civil War From 1917 to 1923, The White Army, with the occasional aid of foreign troops (Japanese, British, Canadian, French, American, German, Australian- including two who received the Victoria Cross for their actions against the Red Army- , Greek, Czechoslovak), battled for control of Russia against the Bolsheviks, aka The Communist Red Army. It should be noted that the whites were not actually a single force, but several different armies led by different generals. In addition to fighting the Bolsheviks, these factions frequently fought each other as well. Both sides also had a tendency to be cruel to the local populations (and, for that matter, their own troops ) The "Whites" lost and the Bolsheviks won, leading to the Soviet Union. From that point on, the West had made clear that they were the enemies of the Bolsheviks and Communism. The level of foreign intervention in the Civil War, the lack of international recognition of the new state, and
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