History Of The Cold Wa9

History Of The Cold Wa9 - History Of The Cold War "OK, who...

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History Of The Cold War "OK, who decided to arm both sides?" Iran-Iraq The Iran-Iraq War- known as Holy Defense and Imposed War in Iran and as Saddam's Qādisiyyah in Iraq- lasted from September 1980 till August 1988. Iraq invaded on the 22nd of September, because of fears of a Shia insurgency among Iraq's oppressed Shia majority and long- standing border disputes. For backstory, we have to go back to WW 2 . Britain and Russia both invaded Iran, both to stop Hitler from using the oil fields of the Middle East and to grab those fields for themselves. They installed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as the Shah of Iran. He fled the country in 1953 when the popular Mohammad Mossadegh was democratically elected as Prime Minister. The CIA and MI 6 launched a coup d'état that removed Mossadegh and reinstalled the Shah. The autocracy then secularized and Westernized the nation- often ignoring the Iranian Constitution. This caused nationalist, Leftist and Islamist groups to resist, though usually they weren't united. This is possibly why conspiracy theorists lump Communists and Islamists together, despite many of them hating the other with a passion.* The tension from the suppression and fighting culminated
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History Of The Cold Wa9 - History Of The Cold War "OK, who...

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