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Middle East Uprising 2012

Middle East Uprising 2012 - Middle East Uprising 2011 Why...

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Middle East Uprising 2011 Why don't we just get it over with and assassinate Gaddafi? The no-fly zone was passed to lend humanitarian aid to the people of Libya who are under attack. If you want it in Trope speak, the UN is the Sword to the rebels' Sorcerer . While (most of) the civilians of Libya are allied to the rebels, the UN's goal is solely to protect said civilians, freeing up the rebels to concentrate on other things (like their rebellion). Landing troops in the country, sending assassins or dropping bombs onto Gaddafi (on purpose) is outside the mandates of the UN resolution—or, in a word, "illegal"—and would result in all manner of problems for the coalition. Whether or not the UN wants the rebels to succeed (spoiler: they kinda do), they are not there to win the war for them. On October 20, 2011, Gaddafi was killed. This marks the first leader killed in the Arab Spring. What about the mercenaries? Many of the mercenaries hired by the government have links with rebel groups helped by
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