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Middle East Uprising 2013 - Anyone else get the feeling...

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Middle East Uprising 2011 Why does the US have to take the lead? Can't other countries do it? What about Arab League nations? Well, as it happens, it did and it didn't. Although many Arab League nations have sufficient numbers of planes to carry out a no-fly zone, none of them have all the other required assets. A no-fly zone is a fabulously complicated beast. It requires an incredible amount of surveillance, coordination and information gathering, and very few countries can handle it. So the US, which had the needed assets in place already, took point in the early days of the intervention, although the bulk of the forces were actually British and French . However, once everything was set up— which took less than two weeks—the US handed over control to a NATO operation with a Canadian commander,* with only a few US support and intelligence assets remaining in the operation.
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Unformatted text preview: Anyone else get the feeling we're starting to move out of our initial objective? Weren't we just supposed to be operating a no-fly zone? The initial goal of the intervention was to impose a no-fly zone to ensure that Gaddafi will not be able to wage aerial war against civilians again. To make this possible, it is necessary to attack anti-air installations, including radar facilities and communications equipment. The UN resolution mandates the coalition to use "all necessary measures" to defend civilians, and whatever targets are considered to constitute an immediate threat to civilians can be proactively struck. For example, ammo depots are indirect threats, but if they're connected to AA installations, they become part of the target. Up to this writing, every action by the coalition reported has been 100% in line with the stated goals of UN Resolution 1973....
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